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Patterson Hood to perform at City Winery Napa

Patterson Hood at City Winery Napa on 4/11/14
Patterson Hood at City Winery Napa on 4/11/14
Andy Tenillee

Some people just have music in their bones. Patterson Hood, one of the founding members of Drive-By Truckers, is one of those people. He’s been writing song for more years than he hasn’t and he picked up a guitar at the age of 14 and has yet to put it down, and on April 11, 2014 he is coming to Napa to perform at the newly renovated and absolutely gorgeous City Winery Napa at the historic Napa Valley Opera House.

With a lifetime of music behind him and a tireless drive to keep writing, composing, and performing, this show, one of only two scheduled for the San Francisco Bay Area, promises to be amazing. From love to loss to zombies at the liquor store on a Monday morning, Mr. Hood will tell the tales of what he’s seen, and with his many years of being on the road, he’s seen a lot.

City Winery Napa is located in downtown Napa at 1030 Main Street which, if you happen to be at all familiar with the area, is the circa-1880 Napa Valley Opera House. This place has been painstakingly renovated to as close to its original grandeur as possible. The concert hall once again has a flat floor and will now accommodate 300 guests. Seating is dinner theater-style with complete dining and beverage service, and those lucky enough to get tickets to this “listening room” will be treated to one of the best sound systems in the industry from Meyer Sound. Every detail has been looked after to ensure the best possible experience.

For the Patterson Hood performance, doors open at 6 p.m. with the show starting at 8. This should provide plenty of time to sip and nosh in the splendor that is Napa’s newest entertainment venue. For more information about tickets, City Winery Napa, or their VinoFile membership, click here.