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Patterns, Habits and Leadership Development

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Do you work? Actually I mean do you have a job? If your answer is yes, keep reading, if not well, keep reading anyway. You never know when this type of information will be helpful.

Think about what you do in the morning after you brush your teeth, shower and do all the morning getting ready for the day's rituals. Many of us grab the car keys and off we go to the office. Others walk into a room with a computer and off we go to the office.

Now think about it for a minute. What exactly do you do every work day? Do you drive to work using the same route all the time? Do you switch on the car radio to see where the traffic tie-ups are? If you have a home office do you start by checking emails? Or maybe get the news of the day to see who was shooting someone overnight (this has become a major pattern in our world!)

OK. You know what you do. My suggestion is to do something, just one small thing in a different way, and I promise you it will possibly make you see solutions to work problems from a different and more helpful perspective.

You see, if you take a new route to work (even if it makes you a few minutes late…or maybe even early) or, if you start by NOT checking your email and instead listen to a song on iTunes and then check your email, you are training your brain in new ways of responding.

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to expect the unexpected.

Simple pattern interrupts are a gift you give yourself and they only take a few minutes.

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