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Patriotism is what made US and will keep us USA

Yesterday was the last Monday in May (May 26, 2014) and by tradition it is officially a day we as Americans salute all veterans of all wars, conflicts, etc., for their services for representing and defending us at home and around the world. This article is being presented the day after Memorial Day, symbolically to say that after years of service without hesitation or delay…what have we done for our military veterans and their families lately? Let’s see what is the flavor of the month being spotlighted by the media (who are more consistently consumed by Hollywood/Bollywood antics than the everyday real time dilemmas of those that serve us with their lives in spirit and truth), we find ourselves at a public outcry of . . .”it is appalling and a disgrace as to how American veterans are being neglected and even subject to death because of the government’s admitted ignorance of saying repeatedly (and at the majority of situations), “we just found out about it from the news”. Attention U.S. government: Results not excuses!

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln

The holier than thou institutions of religion have been caught with their underwear down----where are all of the supposedly intercessors (spiritual military assigned to spiritual warfare) that according to the church is in the earth to do God’s will? That sleeping giant must now awake and the first prayer on the agenda will be, “God spank the United States and let it profoundly apologize for all of its mistakes to itself and others---so that we can begin to live anew as sisters and brothers as is our destiny to behold now in the midst of worldwide turmoil which we declare by grace shall be no more”. Come forth believer trees of America (and around the world).

For the last seven years, Northport K-8 School has built a strong bond and partnership with local veterans in Saint Lucie County. The program is called Veteran Partners in Education. Through the years, the Veteran Partners have served the children and families in a multitude of ways. Some examples of service to the school are, many classroom visits to talk about Patriotism and the military life, presented several living time lines, participation in the Purple Heart Memorial building, Read Across America guests, Northport commemorations for 9/11, Veterans Day and Memorial Day each year, Army One Presidential helicopter pilot visit, Korean War Armistice program, Salute to the Marine Corps birthday and many, many other events that bring the veterans into the school nearly every week.

Through data and meticulous record keeping, it has been determined that 15,305 students and families have been touched by the Veteran Partners program at Northport. On many visits, veterans will bring uniforms and hats for the students to try on. Recently, veterans Bill Arnold and Peter Popolizio, both Northport Senior Volunteers of the Year, with Mr. Popolizio also serving as the Saint Lucie County School Board Senior Volunteer of the Year for 2013-14, visited a particular student at Northport K-8 School. Aune Abdelquadar, seventh grade student on the Stingrays team, was rewarded with an authentic army veteran’s hat, complete with American flag pins and many other military insignia on the hat. Aune was rewarded with the hat because each time he sees a veteran, his salute is stunning. His respect is unquestionable and outright moving. The veterans were thrilled to present Aune the hat and the students thought it was quite the remarkable occasion and were surprised by the visit in Mrs. Sandra Tyndale-Harvey’s class.

. . . And life will continue in the west where the United States of America has always made it the BEST!

REF: Lucie Links Newsletter (SLCSD) May 2014

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