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Patricia Yurena Rodriguez: Miss Spain comes out with a romantic snapshot

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, Miss Spain, came out as a lesbian by posting a romantic snapshot of herself and her girlfriend Vanesa Cortes online via popular photo-sharing site Instagram. Rodriguez shared a sweet photo that showed the couple lying on a bed and looking into each other's eyes. The pair seemed like they were caught on camera just seconds before sharing a kiss. Cortes is a singer and a DJ.

Miss Spain comes out as a lesbian. Image: Patricia Yurena Rodriguez of Spain walks the stage during the Miss Universe Pageant Competition
Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images

By announcing her sexual orientation publicly, 24-year-old Patricia Yurena Rodriguez became the first openly gay national beauty queen, according to E! News. Another first for the reigning Miss Spain, she is the Kingdom of Spain's only Miss España contestant to win the pageant twice. She won the crown in 2008 and 2013.

By coming out, Miss Spain serves as a role model for other members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community who may be reluctant to reveal their true selves. When Patricia Yurena Rodriguez posted the photo of herself and her girlfriend on Instagram, she captioned the pic "Romeo and Juliet." Was that a reference to the Shakespearean characters' status as "star-crossed lovers?" If so, it seems that Miss Spain and Vanesa Cortes have managed to thwart the forces threatening to keep them apart. They look remarkably happy together, and that's all that really matters.

Response to Patricia Yurena Rodriguez's bold move has been overwhelmingly positive. A self-described director, screenwriter and history buff named Susan said it best.

"Thank u @patriciayurena, more men and women in the public eye and closeted should come out so there's less of a stigma against the lgbt community and to show everyone we aren't ashamed of who we r and love is love, if it's sincere and honest and loyal affection from person to person then it shouldn't b looked at with anything less than respect. You can't choose who u love but u can choose who knows about it, thank u again. Inspiring!" ~8aproductions

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez first met girlfriend Vanesa Cortes when mutual friends introduced them in 2013. They began dating several months ago, and their love obviously inspired Miss Spain to come out as a lesbian. The beautiful and talented beauty pageant winner who hails from the hometown of Granadilla De Abona, Tenerife was also the first runner up in the Miss Universe pageant and has a passion for acting, according to the contest's official website.

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