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Patio umbrellas offer shade and style in your backyard

Patio umbrellas add comfort and class to your patio.
Patio umbrellas add comfort and class to your patio.
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The summer sun will be a welcome sight. But although we love the heat, there needs to be some space away from its harmful rays. Patio umbrellas offer that space for a reasonable cost, all while adding colour and elegance to your yard.

Not just for keeping out of the rain, the right umbrella will compliment any set up. An outdoor offset umbrella works perfectly for a wide range of furniture arrangements. With a support post to one side and the umbrella acting as a canopy, there are no obstructions underneath. Any layout can be set up and take advantage of the shade offered. has offset umbrellas in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Whether round, rectangular, square or octagon, they have something to suit your backyard. There are retractable types for changing moods and freestanding awnings for larger spaces.

For a fun loving atmosphere, choose an umbrella with a market style. The commercial umbrellas at Outdora come in solid colours or trendy patterns and are available at either table or bar height. Your pool or patio will be the prime spot for entertainment with these commercial market styles.

The comfort of shade is irreplaceable. Keep your lunch guests cool under the canopy and stay outside all day long. For lounging or entertaining, no yard is complete without an outdoor patio umbrella.

Even tight spots can be transformed with the half canopy umbrellas at Outdora. Discerning, art fans can make a statement with hand painted umbrellas or the whole family can be covered by the expansive freestanding awnings offered. Patio umbrellas can be much more than the usual, department store type; they can compliment your landscaping and reflect your tastes.

A big draw is the comfort level that’s achieved through the minimal investment in an outdoor patio umbrella. At Outdora from just over $200, your patio can boast a high quality umbrella that provides the perfect spot for relaxation.

Backyard living will get so comfortable, you’ll find it hard to go back inside.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I wish I had some commercial umbrellas right about now. To lounge under neath a nice umbrella on the grass sounds fantastic. I actually can't concentrate on anything else now that the thought has entered my mind.

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