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Patient sues doctor who forgot to take out appendix during appendectomy


As if having surgery wasn't scary enough, one New York man had to have an appendectomy twice, since the first doctor simply forgot to take out his appendix.

CBS News reported Thursday, that investment banker William McCormack had surgery preformed by Dr. Michael Kerin at Lawrence Medical Center in Bronxville, N.Y. fourteen months ago to have his appendix removed.

But McCormack recently had to undergo a second surgery at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake for what he thought was an unrelated medical ailment. A second doctor took a look at McCormack’s enlarged appendix and decided that it needed to come out.

Imagine McCormack’s confusion when he found out he’d had his appendix removed - twice.

“Dr. Kerin, as a surgeon, he should’ve known what an appendix looks like,” McCormack’s attorney Mitchell Baker said to CBS 2.

Kerin apparently removed some type of "yellowish mass" from McCormack. The mass looked nothing like his appendix that was in need of removal.

What do you think? Is a lawsuit in order?

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