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Patience or procrastination

Patience is such an ugly word for driven people, but so sweet for the less active. While I struggle with patience so many who will comment in a nice religious way, struggle with procrastination. (Tim Edwards - Facebook status)

Patience is a virtue indeed, but procrastination is a sin. So whats the difference. Ecc 3:1 to everything under the sun there is a "time". Gal 4:4 when the fullness of "time"...

Time is a wonderfully cruel word. Fullness of time is an apt description. It is impossible to "outrun God, after all He declared the end from the beginning, but at the same time (there is that word again) we have to understand that he has a 'time' for everything and we as impatient humans can get out of step with God's time. Just as procrastinators can get out of step with God's time, we impatient ones can get out of step. The enemy loves to encourage you to get out of step.

If you ever watch marching bands, the one poor fella that gets out of step, never seems to be able to get back into sync with the rest of the team. Impatience will get you out of sync with whats happening. Imagine a surfer trying to surf once the wave has already crested? Thats when he gets dumped. There is a timing, on earth that we should be striving to sync with. The modern religious movement strives to corral the driven and drive the slugs. Perhaps the original model of leading is the answer to this conundrum?

Patience is a virtue, and slugs get squashed. get in the time and flow in time. Strive to hear from the "Drummer" and stay with His beat. Its easier to stay in sync than to attempt to get back into sync...

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