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Patience Betrayed explores the regency period in England

Patience Betrayed explores the regency period in England
Manor Gate Press

“Patience Betrayed, the second in The Hawthorne Diaries series by author Olivia Andem, depicts a fictional country estate during the Regency period and illustrates the various aspects of English history that involve the characters.

Wadleigh Park, ancient, sprawling and in great need of costly repairs, is the center of life for the parish of St. Giles, the childhood home of Patience Hawthorne, novel’s the title character. The author describes the manor as representing a host of stately homes of the time, many of which failed to survive due to lack of heirs or failing fortunes.

“In this latest adventure, Patience is beset by mischance and misdeeds,” Andem advises, “Laws of inheritance and society’s restraints on a young woman’s dreams are at the heart of The Hawthorne Diaries series. After she agrees to marry the titled gentleman chosen by her ambitious uncle, Patience discovers life is more than silk cloaks and dancing slippers.”

The title character’s quest for happiness begins in a quiet English parish, continues in the spa city of Bath and the environs of London. Reflecting her youthful feelings and opinions, a quotation from Patience’s private journal begins each chapter.

An illustrated map and a list of characters are included for reference. The novel is published by Manor Gate Press in both print and e-book formats. “Patience Betrayed” is the second book in The Hawthorne Diaries. The first in the series, “Patience Becomes A Lady” is scheduled to be released in a second edition in 2014.

Olivia Andem is a devotee of history, a member of Romance Writers of America and a public speaker. For more information, see http: //