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Patience as updates website

You might have noticed that looks--and acts--differently. The site is currently working out some technical issues. So if you have tried to post a comment or have subscribed to my page and are not receiving the links to new articles, keep trying. All issues should be resolved soon, insha'Allaah (God willing). :)

j. samia mair

Ali ibn Ali Talib (ra) is reported to have said:

"I found this world to be six things: That which is eaten, the best tasting is honey, and it is the secretion of an insect; that which is drunk, the best is water, and in this both the righteous and the depraved are equal; that which is smelled, the most fragrant is musk, and it is the blood of an animal; that which is worn, the softest is silk, and it is the weaving of a worm; that which is ridden, the worthiest is the mare, and it is that on whose back men are slain..."

Two Treatises: Mutual Reminding and Good Manners by Imam al-Haddad (Translation & Introduction by Mostafa Al-Badawi)


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