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Path of the Sun and the Moon ~ Swasti panthamanu ~

Path of the Sun and the Moon   ~ Swasti panthamanu ~
Path of the Sun and the Moon ~ Swasti panthamanu ~

Recitation of Benediction - *Swastivachanam* 7

svasti panthamanu charema suryachandramasaviva, punardadataghnata janata sangamemahi

-Rigved 5/5/15

svasti - happiness

pantham - the path of

anuchare - may we follow

surya - sun

chandramasav - moon

iva - like

punardadata - charitable disposition

aghnata - no violent

janata - enlightened people

sangamemahi - may we keep the company

May we pursue the path of welfare like the Sun and Moon. May we move in the company of generous, non-violent and prudent people.

In the mantra, human beings are instructed to follow the path of the Sun and the Moon. The simile of the Sun and Moon set up the examples of the path of peace and welfare. First of all, these planets are regulated by natural laws which they never break. They teach us to follow the laws of nature. The second beauty of these planets is that they are beneficial to all beings. They provide light, heat, taste in fruit and vegetables and help them to grow. Thirdly, they teach us punctuality. They are set up in a system and that system of punctuality is constantly in action since the dawn of creation without disruption. The path of the Sun and Moon is the path of welfare and harmony.

In the second part, the mantra says - may we learn the path of welfare from the company of generous, constructive and prudent people. The spirit of generosity comes from the compassion of our hearts when we start thinking how fortunate we are, when we thank God for the comforts He has bestowed upon us and start thinking about those who are less fortunate and those who are destitute. This notion inspires us not only to think about ourselves but to help others as well. The spirit of generosity is the spirit to feel the sufferings of others and then to do something for them.

There are two tendencies in human beings which are constantly in action. These are constructive and destructive. The constructive people always look for improvement and positive action while destructive people have negative thoughts. This tendency not only destroys others but indeed it first destroys the person who follows this path. May we keep the company of constructive people.

The company of prudent people widens our horizon of discretion and judgement. Prudent people are those who have developed a sense of caution in managing their own affairs, they are practical and careful, exercise sound judgement and act with foresight. The company of such people will lead us towards the path of welfare.

-Prayers of Yajna