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Paterson man faces 84 counts of animal cruelty in suspected dog fighting ring

The dogs were taken to Helping NJ Animals. They are all being cared for and treated.
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Caurie Swinger, 21, was charged on Thursday with dozens of counts of animal cruelty for an alleged dog fighting operation discovered at his home on Van Blarcom Street in Paterson, N.J. reported

Last Friday, Swinger and Ashley Bryant, 32, were arrested on drug charges ranging from the possession of crack, cocaine, marijuana, to owning an illegal handgun. Authorities were shocked when they found four dead dogs stuffed into garbage bags and 18 live undernourished dogs living in egregious conditions outside of the home.

Some of the dogs had wounds and bite marks associated with dog fighting, and many of them were starving and undernourished. There was no food or water available for the animals.

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Swinger now faces 18 counts of torturing and mutilating animals, 18 counts of failing to provide food and water in the mistreatment and abuse of animals, 36 counts of disorderly person, 4 counts of causing a person to kill animals, and 2 counts of running a dog fighting operation,

Investigators have determined the dogs, many of them puppies under one year of age, were trained on the first floor of the house and that the dog fighting took place on the upper floor.

Swinger and Bryant will be in court for their first appearance for the drug related charges next week, and a separate court date will be set for the felony animal fighting charges.

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