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Paterson elementary students brutalize cat: Labeled as horrendous animal abuse

Quattro lost his battle to survive after children brutalized him last week. The children were all under the age of ten.
Quattro lost his battle to survive after children brutalized him last week. The children were all under the age of ten.
Justice for Quattro Facebook

It's hard to imagine a small group of boys at an elementary school in Paterson, N.J., all under the age of ten, throwing stones, bricks, and sticks at an innocent cat, but authorities are now conducting a full investigation that may call for mandatory counseling for the children and fines for their parents reported nbc

On May 7, an apparently stray cat named Quattro, was brutally attacked by the children; that is until two teens, not much older than the pint sized tormenters, stepped in and chased the animal abusers away. The two teens gently placed the severely injured cat in a box, took him home, and tried their best to help by giving him water and food.

Chance at Life Cat Rescue founder, Renee Olah, rushed Quattro to an emergency veterinary hospital where the cat was examined and found to have fractured legs, skull injuries, internal bleeding, and would suffer the loss of his eye. The cat's nails were ripped from his paws as he desperately tried to escape the cruelty inflicted upon him.

Sadly Quattro died five days later, as a result of the egregious cruelty.

A Facebook page Justice for Quattro, has already garnered nearly 4,300 "likes" and is calling for stricter animal cruelty laws and a full investigation into the heinous crime against an innocent and defenseless animal.

A petition encouraging Quattro's tormentors to be punished is also available.

The Paterson School District executive director of information, Terry Corallo, for PS4 where the children attend school, announced the students will be suspended for five days and receive counseling. Police and child welfare have been contacted.

As to the punishment, the moderator of the Facebook page posted the following:

"For a lot of you, this is not enough. We will be posting the emails and phone numbers of offices that you can RESPECTFULLY contact and express your feelings. We just ask that you please be kind when getting your point across (for Quattro), remember these officers followed thru and did not ignore the severity of this case.

Also, we do need to be very very thankful that the children who did this were apprehended. It was other children from their school who identified that them, they stood up for what was right!! This is very important."

Rest in peace Quattro. You deserve justice.

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