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Pat Robertson promises credit crisis, nuclear Iran, Obama will take up surfing

Pat Robertson is apparently off his medication again, as he once again claims God is talking to him personally and allowing him to see the future.

Pat Robertson
700 Club

"I think that the world is going to be in chaos this year," said Robertson. "We're not going to have a unified world. I think sometime during the year there is going to be some kind of a credit crisis and I think China is going to lead the way. The other thing is I do believe that the Iranians will have a nuclear device before the end of the year and Obama is using a tactic of containment that's not going to work."

The silver lining, Robertson asserted, is that Republicans will benefit tremendously during the 2014 midterms, and that Obama, following a backlash from the Affordable Care Act (which Robertson thinks Americans should revolt against) will withdraw to Hawaii. . . To become a surfer or something.

"I do believe that the Republicans will win control of the Congress but they will not have a veto-proof majority," said Robertson. "The other thing is I think that the President is going to be severely, severely hampered. I think that America is going to turn against him much more so than now, as that Affordable Care thing starts biting hard as it is, he's going to be discredited terribly.

"As a process, I think that he is going to withdraw. He likes Hawaii, he spent a lot of time in Hawaii and he probably figured, 'Okay, I've done my thing, now let's go surfing.'"

The fact that "God" told also told Robertson that Mitt Romney would defeat Obama in 2012 and become a successful two-term president was evidently not a great enough deterrent to keep him from presenting his political wet dreams as prophesy in the future.

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