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Pat Berry news: Brock Lesnar begged Dana White to force retirement

Pat Berry
Pat Berry
Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

UFC fans can't resist a great fight on PPV on a Saturday night. On Sunday, Fox Sports shared how Brock Lesnar is really worried about his friend Pat Berry's health. He is so concerned that he tried to convince UFC President Dana White to force him to retire. He wants him to put his health first.

Pat has not been fighting in the UFC lately but has still been doing kickboxing. Of course this is enough that he could get injured again. Pat Barry has dealt with some head trauma over the years. He was knocked out in a fight a couple of years ago. After that Dana White spoke out saying, "Brock Lesnar called me and begged me to make him retire. He said 'I don't consider too many people my friend, and I consider Pat Barry a friend, Dana you've got to get this guy to retire'. I said listen he's a grown man, Brock. What am I going to do, there's only so much I can do."

A doctor may decide to make Pat Barry retire at some point. They want to make sure that they are financially secure before the give up the sport they love so much. It is also their career and the way they put food on the tables. White isn't forcing Pat Berry to retire, but of course he will talk to him about it if he needs help making a decision.