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Pat Barry to make Glory kickboxing debut in May

According to a Feb. 4 report from MMA Fighting, Pat Barry says he'll make his Glory kickboxing debut in May.

Barry, 34, recently left the UFC because he was sick of the wrestling aspect of MMA. He explained that he grew tired of defending takedowns and grappling, when all he really wanted to do was punch and kick.

To put it simply, he would rather hop in the ring and swing for the fences.

"My last few fights, it's just, something was missing. Something wasn't there," Barry admitted to host Ariel Helwani on Monday's episode of The MMA Hour. "There was just a bit of [aversion] to wrestling and grappling and having to defend takedowns, which is fine. I know that's the sport and that's what I signed up to do. But just the last few instances, the last few outings that I've had -- Shawn Jordan, Soa (Palelei) -- something was... anytime you can lose a fight and get up losing a fight going, ‘Eh, well I lost. Alright, so what?' That's how I knew. It wasn't ‘so what' that I lost, but there's something that just wasn't there. Something that was missing."

"It wasn't like, ‘Good riddance, I'm sick of this. I'm out.' It wasn't that. It was almost like a sense of relief really. Like, alright, you know what, that was what I needed to able to make a solid decision. 90-percent of the decision was made right there. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I just hadn't been able to bring myself to do it."

Barry says he has signed a two-fight deal with Glory, the world's premier kickboxing promotion. He'll be making his Glory debut this May. The date and host venue for Barry's fight has not been announced. It also hasn't been announced who he's fighting against.

"I'm finally able to go back into doing what I've been wanting to do since the beginning," Barry said. "I don't want anybody to hear that and think it sounds like (my thought process in 2008 was), ‘Oh, kickboxing's dying. I guess I'll go and fight in the UFC.' It wasn't that. I was really excited about doing that. I pursued it, I made my way to it. I had some ups and downs in the UFC, but I was around.

"I enjoyed it while I did it as much as I could, but kickboxing is... that's where it's been for me since day one, since the beginning. I honestly, truly... that's what I love doing."

Barry said he never really believed he could be the UFC's heavyweight champ, but he does think he could earn a belt in Glory.

"I used to sit there and tell people, ‘Man, Cain Velasquez is the best. He's going to be the champ. Nobody can beat that guy.' And people were like, ‘Pat, what about you?' And I'd be like, ‘Oh, yeah. Of course I can, but no one else can.' I didn't believe that, man," Barry said. "But do I firmly believe that I can be a titleholder in GLORY? Absolutely."

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