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Pat Anderson for state auditor

Ever wonder what happens to all the money you send away to St. Paul in the form of taxes? In these recent times when money is tight, perhaps many would rather not find out what’s being done in your name with that money lest anger become a prominent feature of one’s demeanor.

Unfortunately, such anger—properly focused—is exactly what the politicians and bureaucrats in St. Paul need to hear…especially given the funny business they frequently perpetrate.

“What kind of dishonest dealings are going on?” you might ask. Well, did you know that irresponsible spending by local governments now gets funded by money taken from other areas of the state? It’s true.

A program called Local Government Aid (LGA) was established a number of years ago because the shortfalls in tax revenue in rural Minnesota communities threatened those communities’ ability to fund any services at all. In response, state government formed LGA to help these communities out. Good program worth keeping, right?

In recent years, the largest recipients of LGA money were the largest cities in Minnesota. When those cities discovered their sizable legislative delegations could use LGA to shower their cities with untold amounts of money, they wasted no time grabbing that money and using it to purchase innumerable public playing, civic toys, and well-paid functionaries. Meanwhile, the rest of Minnesota must watch as they get robbed blind again by the population centers, all of which had since become recklessly spendthrift with their ill-gotten gains.

Fortunately, we have someone offering to stop this.

Pat Anderson, candidate for Minnesota State Auditor, knows the problems wrought by the shuffling of money around the state. Pat knows how reckless local spending and its thirst for revenue ultimately find their way to St. Paul. Pat knows that reckless local spending results in repeated raids of the state treasury. But in the office of State Auditor, Pat also would be in a position to stop that spending, thus stopping the constant raids of the public treasury.

Elect Pat Anderson as Minnesota State Auditor on November 2nd and restore fiscal sanity to state government!


  • Profile picture of Dennis Holman
    Dennis Holman 3 years ago

    It is essential that the Minnesota State Auditor be honest and ACCURATE. The performance of our current Auditor suggests that she is deficient in these attributes.

    Since Pat Anderson earned high praise for her past performance in this office, the incumbent, Rebecca Otto appears to have taken the UNFAIR path of misleading the public by obscuring and diminishing the strong record of performance that Pat Anderson produced.

    The people of Minnesota deserve a State Auditor who is HONEST and PRODUCTIVE!
    Pat Anderson is the clear choice in November.



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