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Pastors criticized at Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptist Convention......messengers listen to sermons.
Southern Baptist Convention......messengers listen to sermons.
Christian Post

A nominee for president of the Southern Baptist Convention criticized pastors who he alleged were more interested in being "cool" than focusing on God, according to an article in today's (Tuesday), June 10 Christian Post. Ronnie Floyd, pastor of an Arkansas church, said, pastors who are more interested in keeping up with the popular culture than focusing on the glory of God are making a mistake.

Floyd, who is senior pastor of Cross Church in northwest Arkansas, further said, "Some of us have a heart to be so real with people that we just think if we're cool enough, we'rge going to get the numbers. We're never going to be cool enough to win our towns, our rural settings, to win our cities, to win the nation, to win the world, to win nations. We're never going to be cool enough; the only thing that's going to bring that is a binding movement of the spirit of God that comes only when we are going up to be with God."

He expressed his concern that some pastors concern with projecting a cool image was largely responsible for the fact 60% of churches did not baptize anyone from ages 12 to 17. He also noted that there were 46, 125 Southern Baptist churches in the country. Floyd further expressed his concern that 80% of those churches baptized one or fewer people who are ages 18 to 29 in the past year.

Floyd said the decreasing number of baptisms was caused by pastors who were more "preoccupied with appearances rather than the Great Commission."

He further mentioned that, "Some of us would rather be known for the way we dress, or the kind of music we sing, or our style of preaching, or the way we choose to live more than being distinguished by the powerful presence of the glory of God."

The pastor of the multi-campus Cross Church further compared some pastors to Aaron, saying, "When you're not where you're supposed to be, you don't think right, you don't act right, you don't live right, and you don't lead right."

Floyd's reference to Aaron drew on the Old Testament story of Aaron and the golden calf. Aaron stayed and partied with the people of Israel while Moses went to meet with God on top of the mountain.

Floyd, H.B. Charles and David Platt delivered sermons Sunday evening to start the 2014 Pastor's Conference. The two-day convention ended Monday with messages from Tony Evans, Rick Warren and Francis Chan.

Floyd was running against two other candidates for the presidency of the convention which includes an estimated 11 million Southern Baptists which makes it the largest non-Catholic denomination.

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