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Pastor Wosheka Jefferson-Burriels readies for international book tour

Meet Pastor Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel, an author,Pastor, singer and survivor of church hurt. After being abandoned by her mother and father, at the age of four she was sexually molested by a family friend and minister. It was the strength and prayers of her great-grandparents who raised Wosheka from the day she was born that put her on the path to healing. Within the pages of Healed On My Way, Pastor Wosheka recalls infidelity by her husband, and the feelings of rejection and severe depression. Pastor Wosheka gives her testimony of contemplating suicide, dealing with overwhelming grief and emotional abuse and her struggles with unforgiveness. A true overcomer, Pastor Wosheka Burriel takes the reader step by step on the journey God took her on to lead her to wholeness.

“Although I have gone through so much in my life, I know that my story is not unusual,” the Shreveport-based pastor recounts. “All of us, at some point or another, have been affected negatively by those we love. One of the worse hurts we can experience is church hurt. We expect church to be a haven, a place of protection from the evil forces in the world. But I found out that hurt can take place in the church, too.” -Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel

It’s an unfortunate fact that countless people experience hurt within the four walls of the church. Pastor Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel understands this all too well. Undergoing trauma that few can imagine, she’s been through the pain and is now is basking in the healing that only comes from God. The Pastor, Gospel Recording Artist and Author has chronicled her life story in the pages of her new book, Healed On My Way. Taking the reader on a journey through her troubled childhood through a turbulent marriage to total and complete restoration, she shows the reader how to become whole with the strength of the Lord.

God wants you healed and whole...!

Pastor Wosheka Jefferson-Burriel is currently on tour supporting Healed On My Way with stops in New York City, Houston, TX, and Atlanta, GA as well as Abuja, Nigeria and Johannesburg, South Africa.

*special thanks to Tehillah Enterprises for information contained in this article

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