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Pastor Terry Jones’s encore: Staging a trial for the prophet Muhammad

Jones: Kissing the queen bee
Jones: Kissing the queen bee
Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty

Florida pastor Terry Jones should quit while he’s ahead. Or maybe that should read “while he has a head.”

Jones, who made headlines in March for burning a copy of the Koran and more recently for his putative role in inciting protests of his actions in Afghanistan, is now contemplating Act 2 of his real-life morality play. One possibility under consideration is placing the Islamic high prophet Muhammad on trial, presumably for "crimes against humanity," Jones’s rationale for burning the Koran.

“It is definitely a consideration,” Jones told the English newspaper The Telegraph on Saturday.

Jones, who claims to bear no responsibility for the violence that has occurred in Afghanistan since protests began three days ago, is calling on the president and the U.N. to condemn the protesters for the deaths of eleven United Nations workers, adding:

We find it very tragic any time that someone is murdered but we do not feel any responsibility for that. It definitely does indicate that there is a very radical element of Islam.

The pastor recently handed over the running of his small evangelical church to his son Luke to permit him to focus more attention on Stand Up America, an organization he founded to defend Christians living in Muslim countries against the injustices of militant Islam. (The organization is a wholly separate enterprise from the synonymously named group started up former U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely, which has a different URL.)

Jones and his supporters have already announced plans to join a protest against jihad and sharia law later this month in Dearborn, Michigan, a city with a large Islamic population. The protest will take place in front of Dearborn’s biggest mosque.

If the trial of Muhammad goes forward, it is likely to incite more and greater violence in the Arab world—which is probably exactly what Jones is after.

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