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Pastor tells congregation to 'Stay Connected'

Pastor tells congregation to 'Stay Connected'
Pastor tells congregation to 'Stay Connected'

On Sunday, Feb. 23, Rev. Louis R. Blakey, Jr., pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond,Virginia told the congregation to "Stay Connected."

Pastor Blakey often talks about relationships, and this sermon was no different.

He said, "We need to stay connected. We need to stay in relationship with one another. It's all about relationship."

The pastor continued to let the congregation know that God wants a relationship with us, and He wants us to be in relationship with others.

Throughout all four gospels, we see that after God called His twelve disciples He mentored them and taught them to stick together.

Staying connected is not only a benefit in the church, but it is beneficial in the secular world as well. Colleges have Big Brother and Big Sister clubs to help others stay connected. Communities have civil organizations for people to stay connected.

It is essential that we be connected and live in community with others so that all can grow stronger together.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 tells us that two are better than one. We are meant to be together. No one should be in isolation. Staying connected with others will cause us to grow. According to Proverbs 27:17, iron sharpens iron. God uses us to help others file down the rough edges.

In conclusion, the pastor told the congregation to pray, grow, love and serve together. Together you will sharpen one another, inspire one another, support one another and bear one another's burden.

We need to be connected. Why? Because it is all about relationships.

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