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Pastor's sermon leads to paying for cross tattoos

The Cross Mount Dora church tattoos
The Cross Mount Dora church tattoos
One Touch

While Pastor Zack Zehnder doesn't have any tattoos himself, he has paid for a handful of members of his church to get inked. It turns out that in a recent sermon on the topic of acceptance, he flippantly said, "If anyone wants to go out and get a tattoo of the logo of the cross that we have for this church, we'll find money and pay for that." According to a March 17 report by Yahoo News some of those in his congregation thought the cross tattoo was a great idea and decided to take him up on the offer.

Cross tattoos tell a story

Pastor Zack was actually being sarcastic when he made his offer, but not everyone took it that way. About a dozen members have taken him up on the offer. Many consider it a great way to share their faith, and even Pastor Zehnder admits, "Every tattoo has a story. The landscape of faith has struggled to keep up with the times. So if we can create a way to start a conversation, it doesn't get better than that." In fact, as they sat in the chair at Bill Gold's Tattoo Shop, in Eustis, to get their cross tattoos each person had an opportunity to share their own personal story and why they wanted to get inked.

Conversation starter

While churches and tattoos don't go together in the minds of many church-goers, the Cross Mount Dora church members consider the cross tattoos as a way to "think outside the box" and have used the opportunity to permanently ink their faith in a way that it can be used as a conversation starter.

“I think it’s pretty neat that these guys are going to be walking out of here with a testimony and a chance to share God’s story with people that maybe I never would or maybe you never would, that don’t have tattoos.” – Pastor Zehnder

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