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Pastor returns to pulpit after three months

Pastor Louis Blakey, Jr. returns to pulpit after 3 months
Pastor Louis Blakey, Jr. returns to pulpit after 3 months
Margaret Minnicks

On Sunday, June 29, Rev. Louis R. Blakey, Jr., pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia returned to the pulpit after having not preached since the end of March. The pastor, who is the shepherd of the church along with his twin sister, Rev. Lois Blakey-Paige, suffered an injury to his heel and his been recuperating since the accident.

During Sunday's sermon, Pastor Blakey preached about relationships, a theme that is dear to his heart. His sermon title was "Relationship With God" based on Numbers 9:15-23 from the New Living Translation. The returning pastor gave three aspects of our relationship with God: God's presence with us; God's persistent practice with us; and God's provision for us.

God proved His presence in two ways: by moving in the pillar of cloud by day to provide shade for His people in the desert and by moving in the pillar of fire by night to provide warmth. When the cloud moved, the people moved. When the cloud stood still, the people stayed still whether it was overnight, one day, a month or a year.

God' persistent practice require God to lead and the people to follow. Sometimes we tend to try to lead, and we ask God to go with us, but we should leave the leading up to God. God is going somewhere and we need to follow Him if we want to get there.

Thirdly, Pastor Blakey explained God's provision for us. God protected His people by taking them in around about way to keep them away from their enemies. God even provided food for them when they complained they didn't have anything to eat and threatened to go back to Egypt.

At was at this point in the sermon when the pastor had an appropriate opportunity to give his personal testimony about how God provided for him while he was recuperating from his heel injury. He told the congregation that he was only ten minutes on his job when he had his accident. During his three-months' recovery, people kept asking him had he received any revelations from God. Pastor Blakey admitted that after three months, God gave him only two words: "Trust me!"

He said once about 4 a.m. he took a chair and sat it in the middle of his yard and questioned God. God repeated the same two words: "Trust me!"

As an object lesson, Rev. Blakey held up one of his crutches and said that in the wilderness, Moses was crutch. He was used only an a temporary instrument for God's people. Through Jesus we don't need a crutch. Moses' relationship with God ended in the desert. Our relationship with God continues because Jesus lives within us, and the Holy Spirit is our proof of that.

The congregation at New Canaan welcomed Pastor Blakey back to the pulpit where he preached in a sitting position. His sermon and testimony were a true test that even though he hasn't been preaching, he surely had been spending time with God. Before Pastor Blakey gave the benediction, he announced that hid doctor was releasing him from the crutches tomorrow.

Welcome Back, Pastor Blakey!

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