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Pastor preaches on Palm Sunday: 'The Colt That's on the Loose'

Pastor preaches on Palm Sunday:  'The Colt That's on the Loose'

On Palm Sunday, Rev. Lois Blakey-Paige, pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia preached "The Colt That's on the Loose" based on Luke 19:28-38 about Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem a week before His death, burial, and resurrection.

Pastor Paige put great emphasis on Jesus telling two disciples to go into the city to tell a man He has need of a colt that was tied up. God knows where your colt is, and He knows it is tied up. We don't serve a punitive God because He is not a God of punishment. It is not about your sins because God is not a God of wrath for the believer.

The colt Jesus rode into Jerusalem on was a new colt that had never been ridden by anyone before. The colt stepped out one hoof at a time going from isolation to one that was looked upon because of the one who rode on it. The colt was now recognized as people put cloaks and palm leaves in its path.

In the book of Exodus, before a colt could be ridden on, it had to be redeemed. Something had to be given in its place. Jesus did not give the disciples a lamb or anything else to redeem the colt. Therefore, Jesus became the lamb that redeemed the colt.

Not only was the colt redeemed, but the colt was released also. You, too, can be redeemed and released like the colt. We should be like the colt on the loose, one that is not tied up, one who is free.

The pastor encouraged the congregation to know that they have been redeemed, they have been released and lastly God has a plan to rule over them.

Jesus rode on a loose colt into Jerusalem, but before the week was over, He would be dead. The crowd hailed Him on Palm Sunday, and the following Friday they cried out, "Crucify Him!" The question Pastor Paige asked the congregation: "Are you hailing Him this morning but will cry out next week, "Crucify Him"?

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