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Pastor preaches about 'The Father's Heart'

The Father's Heart
The Father's Heart

On Sunday, Jan. 19, Rev. Lois Blakey-Paige, pastor of New Canaan Baptist Church Richmond, Virginia preached about "The Father's Heart" based on John 21.

The pastor focused on Peter who had denied Jesus three times. Peter had been disappointed, so Peter decided to do what he had been doing before Jesus called him to become a disciple. Peter went back to his old life. Peter went fishing.

Many times we become disappointed, and we want to give up and walk away like Peter and go fishing.

Peter had fished all night and caught nothing, but Jesus showed up and told him to cast his net on the other side of the boat. At Jesus' command Peter did so and caught more fish than he had ever caught before. Then he became ashamed over his previous disappointment when he recognized the goodness of Jesus.

In other words, Jesus came to earth to display the goodness of God, to demonstrate the Father's heart. Peter had changed now. Instead, of running away from Jesus, He ran to Jesus. Peter had received the abundance of God's grace.

Just as Jesus showed up in Peter's life, He shows up in our own lives. Just as Peter discovered the Father's heart through His son, Jesus Christ, we can know the Father's heart as well.

The Father's heart is revealed to us when we are healed. The Father's heart is revealed to us when we are made whole. The Father's heart is revealed to us when we experience the abundance of God's grace.

Come to Jesus as a little child to receive the Father's heart.

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