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Pastor Ovella Andreas: the Woman Behind Detroit's Monthly Day of Peace & Healing

Spotlight on Pastor Ovella Andreas, and The City Wide Day of Peace & Healing that takes place on the 22nd day of each month.

Flyer of the upcoming City Wide Day of Peace and Healing in the City of  Detroit
Photo courtesy of Pastor Ovella Andreas.

Third New Hope Baptist Church

5439 West Warren
Detroit, MI 48210
Fax: (313) 491-0010
Hours:Church Office Mon-Thu 9am to 4pm
Pastor Ovella Andreas on Facebook

Pastor Ovella Andreas has been an inspiration to the community in her efforts to stop the violence and crime in the city of Detroit. The positive effect she has had some of the city's youths has been documented on local 4 news. To read the crime statistics in Detroit and how the city has topped the Forbes list of "The Most Dangerous Cities in America for the 5th year in a row click here.

The featured video is a brief documentary of Pastor Ovella Andreas early life growing up in the city of Detroit and her introduction into the church ministry. Please click on the hyperlinks/highlighted word contained within the article for additional information.

If you would like to contribute to Pastor Ovella Andreas mission to stop the crime and violence within the city of Detroit please go to the link for information on how you can help.

A recent public post on Facebook by Pastor Ovella Andreas,"I am so excited! We The PEOPLE OF the United Communities of America, are about to buy our first God Said Thou Shall Not Kill Billboard off of West Grand Blvd and Beaubien and our first 10 X 20 banner. The word shall be declared for all to see that God is on the scene! Anyone who want to join in this blessed work you can inbox to donate go to ANY DOLLAR WILL HELP. CHURCH THERE IS POWER IN THE WORD OF GOD AND THE NAME OF JESUS!"

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