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Pastor killed with a guitar in Forest Hill (Fort Worth) TX

53 yr old Reverand Danny Kirk Sr., the founding pastor of Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church, in Forest Hill, TX , a SW suburb of Fort Worth, TX was killed today with an electric guitar by a man who first crashed his car into the church, chased the pastor on foot, then apparently beat him to death with the guitar possibly belonging to the church.

Many questions currently surround the incident, unfortunately the murder suspect, whom police officers captured at the scene of the crime is now also dead.

The church secretary was able to hide and quickly call 911 to alert police after the crash-attack. An officer from the Forest Hill Police Department was able to taser the murder suspect, handcuff, then place him into the back of a patrol car. Shortly thereafter he was unresponsive, taken to a local hospital, and pronounced dead.

A maintenance man who tried to help Reverand Kirk has also been hospitalized and reportedly in stable condition.

Updates to his situation, as well as the identity of the murderer, to follow.

The church is located south of i-20 on Forest Hill Drive, next to a La Petite Academy, and just south of the Forest Hill Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

---- Update 10/30/2012 ----

The murderer was 33 year old Derrick Anthony Birdow, whose children may have attended the church. Christopher Henderson, a cousin to Mr. Birdow, told the Associated Press that "He's just been acting off the wall." Henderson claims that Mr. Birdow had been acting strangely and saying that someone was trying to kill him.

The Texas Rangers are now investigating the death of Mr. Birdow because he died while in police custody. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office have yet to release a cause of death.

---- Update 10/31/2012 ----

A funeral has been scheduled for this Saturday, November 3, 2012 for the late Reverand Danny Kirk Sr. A prayer vigil was held last night, and surprisingly the wife of Derrick Anthony Birdow, Mrs. Shanellia Birdow, was in attendence. It is reported that she said her husband had sought treatment a couple of days before the killing because he was "really sick." She also described him as "mentally ill."


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