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Pastor asks congregation, 'What are you seeing?'

Pastor asks congregation, 'What are you seeing?'
Pastor asks congregation, 'What are you seeing?'
Margaret Minnicks

On June 1, Rev. Lois Blakey-Paige, pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia preached from 2 Corinthians 5:7, "We live by faith, not by sight." She asked the congregation one question that was also the title of her message, "What Are You Seeing?"

The pastor said, "Many times when we depend on our eyes, our eyes end up deceiving us. You can see a thing, but it is not necessarily the truth." Then she explained that the truth comes from the word of God. If what you are seeing is contrary to the word of God, it is temporal and not the truth.

Then the pastor gave the background of the story of Joseph found in Genesis 37:29-36. Jacob had twelve sons, but Joseph was his father's favorite. Joseph had a dream about his brothers bowing down to him. So, the brothers put him in the pit.

Pastor Paige admonished the congregation to be careful who you tell your dreams ti because all people around you do not believe in your dream. Joseph ended up in Egypt where he became prime minister and his brothers had to go to him for grain. While the brothers tried to kill the dreamer, they did not kill the dream even though they tried to bury the dream.

When what you are seeing looks like it is dead, it's because people are trying to bury it. Know that God is about to resurrect it. What are you or death?

The brothers told Jacob that Joseph had been attacked by a goat, Jacob said he wanted to die because of his grief. Jacob was responding to what he thought was true, but God was behind the scenes working things out.

There is a difference between facts and truths. Low economy might be a fact, but the truth is that God will supply all your needs. The ways of God are reliable and will come to fruition for that wayward child, or that bad marriage. God is at way concerning your situation regardless of what you see. Our actions become irrelevant to God's action. So get out of His way.

Don't be convinced by what you see. For we walk by faith and not by sight. What God has for you is so much greater than what you can see.

Finally the pastor said, "Take your eyes off of what you are seeing and put them on Jesus. Your future is not in your hand but in the dream giver's hand. God will help you push through what we have to go through. Just keep your eyes on Him."

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