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Pastor and wife of Kris Jenner's church has a dark past

Brad Johnson, the pastor of The Life Change Community Church, renamed the California Community Church, has a dark past according to Radar Online, April 7, 2014. This church, founded and funded by Kris Jenner, personally chose the pastor she wanted to lead her church. However, Pastor Brad Johnson has a past that he probably wishes would go away. He overdosed on drugs, was involved in a cheating scandal, and declared bankruptcy.

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Brad was the pastor of Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, Calif., which had roughly 4,000 members. His career came under fire when he admitted to cheating on his wife, Kimberly Jean. He wrote a heartfelt letter on his blog one year after the scandal broke. “I am sorry for the pain and emotional upheaval my actions have caused you and the precious bride of Christ. I’m sorry for the deceptions, the irresponsibility, and the sin of adultery that came from my life and infected others. I assume full responsibility for my actions with no excuses and no rationalizations.”

Pastor Johnson claims that this is what started him on a downhill spiral. Even though he confessed what he did to his wife and two daughters, he couldn’t stop the demons from tormenting him or make the congregation to forget his actions. Pastor Johnson and Kimberly Jean, separated on June 30, 2007 and then they filed for divorce in August 2007. The reason stated by Pastor Johnson and Kimberly Jean was irreconcilable differences.

The congregation criticized him, declaring him a hypocrite. Pastor Johnson couldn’t take the pressure of his actions, so he tried to commit suicide three times. The first two times he changed his mind about killing himself, but the third time he actually tried to do it by overdosing on pills. At that time, police and paramedics arrived and saved his life.

He started working at Starbucks until Kris and Bruce Jenner asked him to head their church. He accepted their invitation. However, instead of a cheating scandal haunting him, he now faced criticism that this church is only a money-making venture.

On a recent eBay auction by Kim Kardashian, she reportedly gave 10% of the proceeds, after everyone else was paid, to this church. They received almost $20,000 in tax-free money. The California Community Church does not have its own building. They rent the ballroom on Sunday mornings at a Sheraton Hotel in Agoura Hills.

Pastor Johnson married Karen in 2011. Karen has a dark past as well. In 1997 and 2002, she filed for bankruptcy. She was slapped with a federal tax lien of $10,593 from the IRS and the feds hit her for another $4, 935. In 1998, she managed to settle both debts.

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