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Pastor and Prophetess Marcia Ferko challenges the church to a new awakening

Pastor Marcia Ferko of Greater Works Church, Reynoldsburg, OH
Marcia Ferko

Pastor Marcia Ferko from the Greater Works Church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio comes to Marysville Ohio to share a special word at the Marysville Aglow January gathering, Thursday, January 30, 2014. Marcia delivers God’s word with an abundance of joy. Her teachings are precise, timely and applicable to the lives around her God has gifted Marcia with the prophetic ability to lovingly see in people what may have otherwise gone unnoticed. In this precious gifting, she has helped to set people free. Marcia delivers words in such a way to give hope and peace to the listener.

“I have about 36 years in ministry now,” Marcia states. Actually I got saved when I was nine. But you know how that goes. My life has always been centered on the Lord. “I was a youth minister by the time I was 21. I’m from licking County originally. I just sang with a group for a year and a half we traveled all over Ohio, and were called the Apostles of Love.”

Marcia mentored with a prophet in Pickerington, Ohio, and traveled with her in apostolic ministry for almost eight years. “I did establish a little nondenominational church in Pickerington, Ohio called Prayer and Praise of Ecclesia. There I was with the old prophet for several years. I was a sidekick. I do know what it’s like to be raised up under a prophet. And she was a rather hard-nosed hard-lined prophet,” she says.

Marcia and her husband Daniel picked up the mantle of the prophet from her mentor in 2002 and began pastoring at Greater Works Church, a prophetic, New Testament church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. “I had no formal education and seminary. All the things that I’ve learned have been by the hand of God, the Word of God, and from the prophet.” In 2008, Marcia’s husband passed away, but she continued on. She now pastors a little congregation of about 40 people and her heart has always been for reaching the lost, helping, outreaching. I feel my whole life has been centered and dedicated to God. I’ve always had a prophetic call my life,” she says.

Marcia shares a special vision she had, "One time I had a vision of an angel coming down the stairway when I was in my early 30s. Laying on my mother’s couch after I been gone with the old prophet traveling came back into town went to my mother’s house. And a vision came to me; there was the stairway and an angel came down that stairway with a package with a red bow and handed to me as I was asleep or in this vision like state on the couch and I picked up the package and looked at it and I opened it and there was nothing in it except what was in the bottom of the package and what it said was what they have need of. I woke up and knew that something great had happened, and when I went to the service that evening I told the old prophet and I tell you I thought I was going to go and be some big do da but it was three years till God started opening up words of knowledge to me for others.

Marcia and her husband Daniel referred to their ministry affectionately as a Starfish Ministry. This was Daniel’s favorite part of his ministry and Marcia continues in this vein. This Starfish Parable was adapted from the story the” Star Thrower: by Loren Eiseley. The parable begins as follows:

An old man had a habit of early morning walks along the beach. One day as he looked down the shore, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. But instead was reaching down to the sand picking up starfish and very gently throwing them into the ocean.

“Young lady, why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?”

“The sun is up in the tide is going out and if I don’t throw them in they’ll die.”

“But there are millions of them. What difference can it possibly make?”

The young woman listen politely, paused and then bent down and picked up another starfish and through it in the sea past the breaking waves saying, “it made a big difference to that one!”

Marcia states, “That is what people really need. They need that one on one.”

“Even though I speak at conferences in different places I pastor, its one-on-one mentoring and helping and fellowshipping to bring the kingdom of God in its fullness into each one individually. If I could say anything about who I am and where I am, it’s about the love and mercy of God I show, that I know is necessary but more than that helping people in what they have need of most. And that is a one-on-one work. We can equip and say all the Christian-ese words, but let me tell you what we are his servants of the living God. It’s about being with the people and being able to reach them where they are. That’s where the people feel comfortable where they know that you know that you love them and then they respond.”

One of the first messages God gave her in this New Year is called ‘awake arise,’ and that’s what she’s going to be speaking about at Marysville Aglow next Thursday. “Awake and arise, I’m thinking okay, this is a good message. The church is asleep and it needs to wake up and there are still some sleepers in church that God wants to wake up. What we need for this season is to know how God is going to talk to us,” Marcia shares. “If you’re not daring to believe God for the impossible you’re sleeping through some of the best parts of your Christian life. Do not sleep.” She challenges the American church to this new spiritual awakening.

Marcia’s heart remains to see God’s people helped, healed and established in the Word of God and the work of the kingdom. As her friends Gene and Teri Shell, Charles Dellenbaugh, Jane McKelvey and Diana VanCamp share, “Marcia instills great wisdom into those around her who are willing to receive She has a heart for youth, a love for the lowly. She’s a pastor, a teacher, a friend, a mother, and a sister to all. She’s real and relatable! She is a valuable treasure God has placed on earth for the benefit of his people.

Marcia’s ministries include a healing room counseling work, bus passes/gas card outreach, assistance to Faith Mission homeless shelter, is ministries in Israel, the, Thailand. ". I love to teach. I love this study. But more than that I like to see people’s lives changed and God move in their lives," she states.

Pastor Marcia Ferko speaks Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 7 PM at running for my life ministries, 122 N. Court St., Marysville, OH 43040. Come out and let this great prophet of the Lord speak into your life. This is one of those events, you just don't want to miss. Marcia Ferko touches people so personally and uniquely.

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