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Paster to Issa: "Why are you afraid of a debate" ?

Photograph provided by interviewee
Photograph provided by interviewee

Regular readers will probably remember the name of Michael Paster, 25, of Fallbrook California. The ambitious young candidate has made waves and connections up north in Los Angeles County at the campaign events of other libertarians, and, as the NCtimes have noted, is making a lot of noise down south in his own district as well. His Opponents are Darrel Issa, a Republican incumbent, and Howard Katz, a Democratic newcomer of retirement age, as well as Dion Clark, an independant. But what is remarkable about Paster is his determination to engage in gentlemanly debate, to reach out to every possible voter in his district, and to refuse to be just another third party candidate, but rather, a respectable opponent. 

He recently remarked on his attempts to debate in an exclusive telephone interview:

"I've tried to contact him  about a debate,  but I've been unable to make any contact, after placing several calls to multiple offices, there has been no response.  I've also tried contacting the other candidates, and offered to pay for the cost of a debate out of my own pocket, with very little luck, but I've had to take all the initiative. If this is going to happen, it seems that I am going to have to find a venue, and essentially pay the costs myself, and I'm working in retail for minimum wage, not living on a comfortable congressional salary, yet the democratic opponent has reneged on paying anything or making any effort towards debating his opponents, which is frustrating because he's so confident that nobody can even oppose him, he's essentially run without any serious opposition for five terms."

And yet, Paster, unphased and optimistic in tone even through such discouraging challenges, has been continually raising funds and gathering resources, with volunteers from here in Los Angeles County, from San Diego County, and even Ventura, agreeing to donate time, money, and resources to uphold the very principle upon which this our system of government is  founded: a free election, with open debate, to determine who is most qualified to represent We, the people. In what some have already termed the year of the Teaparty, it would be foolish for a Republican candidate not to question the blindness of conservative loyalties.


  • Shaun cusack 4 years ago

    It is never in the incumbants interest to debate and that's why they seldom do. If he could easily make you look like some baffoon and it was in his interest then he will debate you, so actually it may just be a good thing he's not anxious to debate you.
    Just campaign hard and honestly getting your name out there and I think you'll win. Make the economy and jobs the issue and record of failure.

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