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Pastel locks everywhere!

I don't know if it is because of the Hunger Games, creative streaks coming out of everyone after years of oppression, or the captivating beauty of colorful hues, but there is something in the air. Or rather, the hair. Light pastel hues seem to be taking over fair haired maidens everywhere and their darker tressed counterparts are taking on colors as well.

I can't pinpoint when it started for me. Perhaps seeing Xtina on an episode of "The Voice" with lavender on the end of her locks was what did it, or maybe it was browsing Pinterest one day when Lauren Conrad popped up with her peach ombre. Numerous celebrities have done it (love Kelly Osbourne's!) and with the popularity of hair chalk rising, creative hair is becoming more apparent, even in the corporate world. Either way, I booked a trip to the salon and pushed all thoughts like "but you'll never get hired!" out of the way and opted for a nice dusty rose hue to add some excitement to my blonde. After about an hour of waiting (and a lovely scalp massage at Roxanne's Hair Salon in Grand Rapids!) I had some undeniably pretty hair. Throughout the entire experience I was pondering possible interviews and corporate meetings (I tend to obsess over a lot of hypotheticals) but at the end, I realized how very un-punk and un-counterculture my hair looked. In fact, it gave me kind of a fashionable look, which is always exciting. As my boss said upon seeing it, "this is not the 1950's anymore". Here, here. So if you're looking for something different to do, consider putting a little color in your strands - I promise you it won't make you look like a punk and you will still find career success, if you worry about that like me. Just make sure it's more on the subtle side - sometimes, I can't notice it until I'm right in front of a mirror. Maybe I'll become a bit bolder upon my next appointment, but until then, I am quite satisfied with my barely there pink!

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