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Pastel colors is now the most attention grabbing color in upcoming spring season

Smell, Pastel
Visual Stylist: Angelica Ardoin

Pastel colors are more than a trend for the current winter drift. This hue and selection of light and stale colors are relaxing and rejuvenating, while uplifting the spirit of contrast. Pastel Colors bring out the youth in all of us, all year long, everyday becomes Passover.

Pastel pink and mint is a great choice to match up against light washed blue jeans or a blue jean skirt and eggplant blazer.

The vibe of pastel colors are romantic and innocent diminishing the night with positive vibes of the sun. The colors are associated with easter eggs. Caramel, peach, banana, mint, lavender, powder hues, and guava are a few inspirational colors to consider when shopping for our spring wardrobe.

With your pastels, remember to color block pale lemon with creamy orange. And pay attention to your pastel accessories, such as a pastel clutch, jewelry, hats or shoes in candy hues, which could possible be the only pastel you wear in an black and white outfit.

Go soft, go pastel!

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