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Pastas and Tapas, a new concept in Johns Creek

Penne pasta is a big hit with the kids at Pastas and Tapas.
Penne pasta is a big hit with the kids at Pastas and Tapas.
Robert J. Nebel

If it wasn't for my daughter, I would have completely missed it.

“Look Dad, there’s a place that says Pastas and Tapas,” she observed.

“Let’s check it out,” I replied.

And so here we were, father and daughter out on a beautiful day discovering a new eatery in a Johns Creek, Georgia shopping center that boasts a multiplex cinema and other restaurants.

When we went through the front doors, we were greeted by our server.

“That’s an interesting combo: pastas and tapas,” I said.

“The owners are over there. He’s Italian and she’s Spanish,” the waitress replied.

We were there because my little one had a hankering for pasta. She was about to get a lesson in what real pasta and real sauce is. After viewing the menu, one realizes that this is far from a fast food pasta joint like the chain, Little Azio.

Pastas and Tapas concentrates on quality, rather than quantity. On the pasta side of the menu, patrons may choose from a variety of short or long varieties including linguine, fettucini, spaghetti or penne, maccheroni, fusilli and gnocchi di patate.

The choices for sauces are on the opposite side of the pasta menu also known as “Salsa” here. Bolognese, pesto, caponata (tomato, eggplant, onion, red and green bell pepper and black olives) are just a few of the choices to top your pasta.

If we had room for dessert, we would have gone with the tiramisu, which seemed to be a heavy favorite with our server.

The tapas menu is long. From the Pan Catalan-toasted bread with tomatoes garlic sauce to Pimientos Piquillo Y Queso Cabra-Piquillo pepper filled with goat cheese, it looks like every variety is covered.

I love the idea of Pastas and Tapas, but I wonder if this type of restaurant that pays attention to quality ingredients will sit well with upscale suburban diners who like their steak and potatoes. Nevertheless, if I arrive hungry, I'm going for the paella dishes which has received rave reviews from previous diners.

Pastas and Tapas

9700 Medlock Bridge Road

Johns Creek, Georgia 30097