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Pasta with crab fat and shrimp

This is a very tasty recipe, though a bit heavy on the cholesterol. Your family and friends will enjoy this rich cream based pasta and it makes for a great dinner party dish. This dish is inspired by a Filipino pasta dish, and is simple to make, but will make your friends think you are a star chef.


· 300 g of linguini (or your favorite pasta)

· 1 onion chopped

· ¼ cup of Crab Fat (sometimes called crab butter)

· ¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper

· 1 cup heavy cream

· ½ chardonnay (or your favorite white wine)

· 2 cloves of garlic peeled and chopped.

· ½-1 cup lump crab meat (imitation crab is also fine for this)

· 1 cup peeled and deveined shrimp

· ¼ cup of butter.

· Chives and parmesan cheese for sprinkling on top when served


1. Cook pasta as directed by package.

2. Sauté chopped onion and garlic in butter until onion is clear and garlic is fragrant.

3. Add shrimp and sauté till pink.

4. Reduce heat to medium-low. Add lump crab, cracked pepper, wine, heavy cream, and crab fat, stir until well combined, and heat till warm.

5. Place pasta on plates for serving and ladle sauce over top of pasta.

6. Sprinkle with chives and parmesan.

7. Serve with garlic bread on the side.

This is a simple recipe, but will delight your friends. Remember not to overcook the shrimp as it will become tough.


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