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Past Or Path?

Does your past block your path? There's a tendency in a time of transition to think what has gone before was wrong and that's why there has to be a change. Not so.

The Old Testament times were what was until the New Covenant, but Jesus fulfilled the Old and transitioned it to New. He honored the former by placing it upon the latter.

Therefore, I embrace the path taken to get here. 'Here' is not the final destination. There may be no final destination for eternity is predictable only to a point. God knows.

You are on your Journey. Allow the Lord to redeem all that you've been through and send you into your future with no limits.

God has put and is putting people in your path to 'escort' you along the way, taking you to the next appointed growth spurt. Look hungrily for the 'next', the 'shift'. Desire the ever new landscape of this life in Christ. You are on your Journey.

Don't get bogged down in the cares of this world, in the low expectations of others for your life or in the cruel limitations of the enemy, satan. That power you feel propelling you forward towards God's mysteries are the wings of God's glory demanding you soar.

Stretch them, flex them, lift off, look up and FLY!

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