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Past her prime and no longer able to breed: Bloodhound surrendered at shelter

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As a volunteer drove to the local animal shelter in Elizabeth, N.C. on Wednesday, another heartless owner threw away their dog as if she were yesterday's trash. The five-year-old bloodhound mix, who obviously had been used over and over for breeding, had come to the end of her usefulness, and as she sat in a big wire crate in the rear of an open pickup truck, she didn't even warrant any special hugs or kisses as her owners simply surrendered her and walked away without any goodbyes:

"Driving through town heading for the shelter when in front of our car was a truck with what looked like a very large bloodhound mix. We were hoping that we were wrong. Hoping that this old soul was not heading to an already over crowded kill shelter. We followed the vehicle and to our despair, the truck stopped at the county shelter. The person went inside to speak to animal control and we got a closer look. Dolly was in very rough shape lots of hair loss, gooey eyes and teats hanging down from years of babies. She will surely die. Poor poor old gal!"

And that began what could have been the final days of Molly's life; dropped off at Bladen County Animal Shelter and left in a kennel until it was time for her to die. Fortunately, City Dog Rescue has volunteered to help this lost soul, however are reaching out to animal lovers for assistance.

Molly will need to be fostered in the Washington, D.C. area no later than June 20. The dog's initial veterinarian examinations and treatment will begin at the cost of $250. Also transport will have to be arranged.

A Facebook page has been set up and volunteers are working on Molly's plight. Please follow by clicking here. To help with expenses for Molly, please click here.

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