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Past Animal Hoarder Collecting Dogs and Cats Once More

St. Bernard Still Living in Hoarder Home in Manitowoc County
St. Bernard Still Living in Hoarder Home in Manitowoc County
Courtesy of Community Cat

Few of you may be aware that, 43 cats and 1 dog were removed from a home located at 22415 Rockville Road in Manitowoc County, WI, last year. After being removed from kennels that had no food and water, but did have urine in them, the animals required veterinary care for mites, various types of worms and flea infestation.

While the people living at the above address are licensed to have up to fourteen dogs on their property, it would be virtually impossible to keep that number of dogs in an indoor environment that is healthy given the size of their home. As a result, nearby residents are concerned that the animals being kept inside and outside are at-risk.

Neighbors claim that they can smell animal waste from across the street from the house where animal hoarding was readily apparent as recently as 2013. Despite neighbors informing the local constable and health department about the stench and reporting that they don’t see the dogs outside at all let alone on a regular basis to relieve themselves, no law enforcement or health department representatives have taken the time to investigate the care the residents at the aforementioned property are providing for their pets.

In fact, representatives from both Manitowoc’s health department and sheriff’s office have stated that they don’t view the house as a risk to the public’s safety. For this reason, neither authoritative body considers it necessary to visit the home to check on whatever number of dogs is inside of it.

If you want to see an end to animal hoarding in our county, please contact the office of sheriff Robert Hermann and Manitowoc’s health department to demand that an investigation into the welfare of these helpless dogs and cats be conducted as soon as possible. It’s a basic precept of psychology – people’s past actions are the best indicators of what they’ll do in the future. With that in mind, the situation at this property seems to be devolving into one that is the same as the one that necessitated Community Cat, a non-profit located in Whitewater, WI, to take life-saving action just last year. Since that horrifying situation required action to save the more than 40 cats and 1 dog in the same home that is currently “collecting” dogs and cats again, this one is likely to as well.

You can contact Robert Hermann, director of the sheriff’s department, at the following number: 920-683-4200. You can contact the health department by dialing the following: 920-683-4155. You can also contact the health department by sending a message to the following email address:

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