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Passwords are dead: Two-factor authentication with WWpass

2 key authentication
2 key authentication

WWPass authentication is an a more security option to the normal password, according to their website, will “gives a user a single PassKey and Access Code to give them access to all of the data, networks, content and other resources they need.”

WWPass works with the 2-key (two-factor) authentication approach. There is a “data container” which is like a safe deposit box you might find in a bank. Like a bank’s safe deposit box you can only open it was the correct set of keys. In the digital version WWPass provides a unique key to every user (UserID) and another unique key for the vendor (SPID-Service Provider ID). WWPass provides a separate “deposit box” (Data Container) which corresponds to each user registration at a particular Service Providers website or application. To open the Data Container two keys are needed: the UserID key and the Service Provider key.

This is offered for home and business users. For home users it is available for Windows (32- and 64-bit versions), Mac and Linux. For business users the package is obviously more powerful with a software development kit (SDK) that supports the .NET Framework v4.0, Java 6 and 7, JavaScript, Python v2.7, and PHP v5.3. The business version also support the Drupal v2.8 and above and WordPress v3.4 and above content management systems (CMS).

For home users you can download the security pack on their website and start “securing your digital life” by experiencing these features:

  • logon to web portals
  • connect to applications
  • digitally sign and encrypt mail
  • maintain important personal data
  • access your powerful cloud-based notepad
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