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Password organization

If you are like me, you have too many passwords to keep track of in your head. Every site now requires a password and every password format seems to be different. I’ve struggled to keep them organized and easily accessible when I need them. While surfing the web I came across software that can store your passwords and user names for you eliminating the need to remember or write down this sensitive information. Check out Password Manager ($29.95) from Large Software and 1Password ($39.95) from Agile Solutions. The login information is encrypted offering protection from phishing scams. Both also offer a memory stick that allows you the portability of taking your passwords and user names with you when you are away from your computer. The memory stick can be inserted in the USB port of any computer for easy access to your passwords. Removing the memory stick takes all your information along with it so that the borrowed computer does not keep any trace of your passwords.

Organize your passwords and user names to make surfing the web and paying bills online a breeze.

Happy organizing!! 

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  • Brigette-Longmont Examiner 5 years ago

    Great suggestions! Thanks :)

  • roboform 5 years ago

    Have you tried RoboForm password manager? We are by far the #1 Selling password manager.

  • Antonio 5 years ago

    Other alternative is the free online password manager Password++ (Google it...)

  • Day Zerpa 5 years ago

    I always struggle with passwords. I try to remember them all and can't and since I'm afraid of writing them down anywhere this will be a big help. Thanks!