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Passion Is What Drives Us

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Passion is what drives us! Nothing else: before, after or in between. We are incapable of taking steps, uttering words or feeling emotion without some sort of deliberate passion driving us.

And, what is passion but the desire to learn and experience life to the fullest! We need not know why that particular passion exists (sometimes, we never do know) but we KNOW that we are carried forward by an imploding impetus that stirs us to action. It goes without saying that I am a very passionate person. I enjoy the intricate details and minute delicacies of raw ‘moment to moment’ living. Like you, to communicate, connect and express feelings, thoughts, ideas and personal visions with others drive me to do the things I do.

Because we are human beings (innate sublime artistic creatures) we desire-more than anything else in the whole wide world-to bond. Yes, bond with others. That is precisely why the advent of Social Networking has had the explosively infectious influence it ignites and maintains. Which brings me to the subject of this particular writing; I have discovered a rewarding interactive social network that turned up my fire: FanBox! You know how it is. You go along your merry way, doing what you do, living. loving and laughing; enjoying the fruits of your personal existence, then, BOOM, out of the blue you stumble right smack dab into something, someone, some unexpected venture that makes it all Click. (Fall into Place)

You always KNEW you would find it or perhaps, not. Maybe, you had lost sight of what was really important to you, believing that nothing would ever work out. Thinking that no matter how hard you tried or how much you put your energy into what you believed to be true and good for you, it simply didn’t matter. But, what you will discover-sooner or later- is that IF it matters to YOU, then, it matters! We each carry a unique seed of divinity. And, because we do, we are endowed with enormous gifts. These individual gifts, invested in us during conception, are contributory in nature. ‘Contributory in Nature’. How do you like those words? But, more importantly, how do you like the idea that you, as a single individual person, (one, out of the 7 billion which populate the planet) can and do make a difference to the whole?

When you think about it, it couldn’t be any other way. Or why else, would you be taking up space in the galaxy? The fact that you re breathing, eating, moving and having your general being in the run of ordinary day says something so miraculous about you. It says, YOU are here to produce! “Be fruitful and multiply”, written somewhere in ancient sacred texts verifies the inevitable consequence of your occupying a human body.

We all possess a vast amount of accumulative information, simply for having lived upon the earth. This information, relative and meaningful, to us has value. The intrinsic value and deliverable merit of that particular information increases exponentially when shared. So, that’s the long and short of it. We are placed upon earth to share who and what we are (have become through experience and knowledge) with others. And, by doing that, we, along with the consciousness of the planet, evolves. What could possibly be more exciting?

The bottom line: we’re all in this thing (life) together and what benefits one benefits all. When we can do what we feel so good about and make a difference, too, then and only then, does our life count for something. What that “something’ is depends upon how guileless we are in pursuing our inherently chosen path. Even unconscious guile falls from us as soon as we get in tune with the sublimely sacred rhythm of our feet. The spirit of universal brotherhood exists within all of us; we simply have to execute it with a relentless love. Sort of like a warrior’s mind set of conviction, dedication and surrender.


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