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Writing: Frees the Ruthless Soul

We are basically unconscious beings. On that one premise, alone reams of unsurpassed power in absolute knowing are elicited. When the unconscious speaks, (still small voice) it rattles the foundation. I think you would agree, too little of hearing what the unconscious has to say takes place on a daily basis. Bottom line: the more we don’t have a clue, the more definitely we know what to do. But, in order to hear the still small voice of the unconscious, we must cease talking so wide and so loose.

Writing is a much more verifiable way to still the waters in our overly anxious talkative nature. When we write, (just like what I’m doing this very minute), we solicit from the unconscious significant guidance. That is IF we suspend judgment and interpretation. Sigmund Freud had a little to say about this in the primary process of psycho-analytic probing exploration. Writing frees the mind and ruthless soul to express its contents. Jumbled and unclear as the words may be at first, in time and with much concentrated, dedicated, controlled disciplined practice, the need to talk so much becomes less expedient.

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