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Passion. Be that change you want to see...

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It is midsummer, weather is hot, the grass is green and barbecue smoke rises to the cobalt blue sky as I run, half heartedly around the park. My mind has wandered, I feel pain in my left knee, my neck is stiff from my ten hour work day.....

BOOM! Then I'm hit with the realization of my pathetic attitude. I realize I am running around the most beautiful park in Denver, dogs are bouncing, couples spoon on their plaid blankets watching the frisbees glide back and forth. I nearly stop in my tracks and shake my attitude off. I have been blessed with the athletic ability to run flawlessly at record speeds, and yet, I am dreading my current position. Something hit me, and I stopped to give thanks.

I realized that at one point in time, my passion to run was endless. I looked forward to that time of day when I could escape the reality of life and run wherever I wanted to run. To think and daydream, to feel my heart pumping, to feel and BE healthy, to watch the multiples of people around me, and to live out a passion that I performed well and enjoyed.

After my revelation, I picked up my speed. I shook off the "must run" attitude to "stay fit" rationale, and ran like a track star at the top of her game. I regained my passion in a matter of minutes because it was all mental. My mental game tends to get to me and I become overwhelmed with the unhealthy and insecure thoughts it feeds me. But I sincerely wanted to see that change, I don't want to dread my healthy choices. I want to embrace them because that is who I am.

I encourage you to stop and feel your health. Why are you running, cycling, stretching. Why are you meditating, stretching, heading to yoga class....

Is it because you "must stay fit"? Or are you making the choices because you have a passion for wellness. Are you running because it feeds your soul physically, mentally, emotionally? Or are you running of that lunch that you knew you "shouldn't have...."

Be that change. You want to be healthy, fit, comfortable. Your passions are still there, but the business of life sometimes takes over. Ask yourself "why?" next time you're at the gym, running, stretching, meeting a friend for yoga class....

Be that change. Embrace that passion you once had. Be healthy, get fit. Because YOU want it and no one else does.