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Passing on a Family Heirloom

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The month of June is known has been known as the wedding month for centuries. While the reasons lost in myth and legend range from respect to the Roman wedding Goddess Juno, to the not so romantic idea that it would time conception of children to make sure the expectant mothers were available to work the harvest in fall. June remains the most popular month for weddings. According to jewelry experts it is also the time of year they get to see and appraise the most exquisite heirloom jewelry as it is brought in for a careful inspection before being handed off to a new generation.

Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom jewelry consists of those very special pieces handed down from generation to generation such as grandma’s wedding or engagement ring where the value far exceeds that of the gold or gemstones used in making it. Adding to the hopes of a new generation and continuing legacy to the ceremony. It is a piece of family history with a story as well as a shine and glimmer.

While bridal sets are the most common, brooches that went out of style a century ago are also included, as well as earrings and necklaces and all other sorts. It is typical that the exchange of the actual pieces of jewelry does not take place until the wedding itself (to avoid the unfortunate possibility of a break up before the exchange of vows causing loss of a family heirloom) and it is not unknown to have these very special pieces of jewelry discussed in prenuptial agreements even.

While not every family possesses these rare treasures, there are few that would not like to add them to their family legacy. It is often a consideration discussed according to the high end makers of custom jewelry and the most common desire expressed is “to produce something that can be cherished and handed down from generation to generation”. These are not the pieces you find in the mall jewelry store at 40% off on Valentine’s Day, but most often are bespoke pieces where the design and the selection of stones has a specific meaning.

Around the World

According to the experts at George Pragnell Fine Jewellery in England, it is not uncommon for people to travel in search of the perfect piece of jewelry to become part of the family legacy and the old world charm found by travelers to Europe helps inspire the story that is handed down with the piece. Aside from the custom made jewelry, special antique items already steeped in more than a century of tradition are also a popular choice to become part of a family legacy.

At the next wedding you attend, look around and you will see the special pieces of jewelry making the rare appearance. Perhaps on the bride, or being worn by other guests, and if you ask about it you will surely get a story of the history of the piece as well as a closer look because the finest jewelry is about more than the gold and gems it is made of.