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Passing and Indictment on (post) modern Gnosticism

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St. Paul once stated: "I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, and they will not spare the flock. And from your own group, men will come forward perverting the truth to draw the disciples away after them." Acts 20:28-38

And history (both secular and sacred) has proven him correct.

And, once upon a time, England produced a prodigious fat man who said, "Thoroughly worldly people never understand even the world; they rely altogether on a few cynical maxims that are not true." G. K. Chesterton

Today we live within, and are ruled by, a gnostic mentality.

Many an influential American preaches the liberating power of gnosticism. Truthfully, the Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's of the world are a product of a society drenched, and drunk, in gnosis. America is a land which increasingly seeks knowledge and pleasure without any attachment to morality and ethics from 'on High.' In demythologizing God, and debunking metaphysics (angels and saints), through the exaltation of technology and postmodern ideology, America has become inhumane--a monstrosity, blind to the joys of Catholic sacramental vision--the vision which sees, and seeks, God's goodness in the world all around us.

Atheist-secularist-humanists, and materialists and hedonists, proclaim a 'freedom' from religion. Sexual freedom! Intellectual freedom! Feminist freedom! True human freedom! But look at what it has produced. A nation, and soon a world, without a fully human person: body, mind...and soul.

All this postmodern progressive liberty, in cynical maxims such as 'women's reproductive rights,' and 'tolerance,' and 'change,' have enslaved more people on pleasure-seeking chemicals and electronic gadgets than ever before. Instead of saving lives, and increasing peace, it has killed more babies and elderly than any war in recent history. Suicide, divorce, abortion, euthanasia, class and race warfare, addictions, entitlements, and violent crime are not eradicated, but increased, within this gnostic menace.

Without God, Mother Nature takes over. Unborn babies die, while trees are hugged in the gnosis of scientific materialism. Could this desperate tree hug be caused by the God vacuum? Gnostics will have none of that. While systematically destroying the dogma's of Revealed Religion, one in particular (Catholicism), they spread their own dogma's of gnostic utopian utilitarianism through 'global warming,' 'weather change,' 'women's reproductive rights,' gay 'marriage,' 'income inequality,' 'institutional racism,' 'amnesty,' while denying their own science when convenient (i.e., human life beginning at conception).

Catholics, however, see all life beaming with God's goodness, and God's Creative Love. Grace abounds in normal human activities such as traditional marriage and family, work, and social gatherings. All is good in the balance of God. Marital sex is a gift; a little alcohol cheers the spirits; a good meal is a blessing; social gatherings manifest time for charity, compassion, evangelization, and reconciliation.

Though Catholics are imperfect, sometimes downright sinful scoundrels (count me in) Catholicism is faith in the Incarnate God, Jesus among us. This means the forgiveness of the Holy Spirit, spurring us to repentance, confession, contrition, and penance. Though imperfect, we, Catholics, see the world in the fullness of God's include much mystery.

On the other hand, gnosticism, postmodern-progressive-secularist style, sees the world as all there is. Without God's grace, and sacramental Creative presence pregnant within, their world is but a tool for their 'will to power,' and their ideology of the month. In their world the strongest rules, and the cruelest controls.

Everyone else serves.

See the difference?