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Passim exceeds goal, awarding $45,000 in Iguana music fund grants to 26 winners

The success of the Iguana Music Fund has been astounding! Passim is proud to announce the recipients of the annual Iguana Fund music fund grant. Last year, the annual Iguana Music Fund gave away 40,000 dollars in grants to 24 lucky applicants. This year, the Iguana Music Fund exceeded their goal and awarded 45,000 dollars to 26 local winners. These grants range from 500 dollars to 2,000 dollars, dedicated to advancing the recipients’ careers and for music outreach projects. Different categories include publicity and marketing support, recording or manufacturing assistance, tour support, songwriting, and opportunities for professional growth. To learn more about this annual music fund and how to get involved, visit click here.

Visit to learn more about the annual application process!
Courtesy of Passim

Congratulations to the following winners!

Brian Carroll
Alastair Moock
Taylor Armerding/Barnstar!
Ezekiel’s Wheel
Caitlin Canty
Mark Whitaker
Natalie Sara Weaver (The Song Project)
Hannah Read/T.H.E.M.
Will Dailey
Mariel Vandersteel
Jamie Kent
Abbie Gardner
Annie Lynch (Annie and the Beekeepers)
Connor Garvey/The Octagon
Meena Malik
Craig Werth
Mark Erelli
Nani Agbeli
Laura Cortese/Miles of Music Camp
Todd Mack
Dan Cloutier
Christa Joy
Maya de Vitry/The Stray Birds
Peter Mulvey
Phillip Price
Jennifer Kimball

The Iguana Fund Baby Iguana program awarded the third installment of a multi-year music grant to Rose Polenzani for the Sub Rosa Three Mile Island Songwriting Retreat. This program is dedicated to funding a week-long retreat for budding artists to collaborate on their songwriting each summer. Visit to learn more about application requirements or check out the Iguana Music Fund page on Facebook.

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