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Passenger pilot message update: Female pilot's response to passenger nasty note

Passenger pilot message update:  Nasty sexist note left my passenger for woman pilot

The story of a passenger leaving a woman pilot a nasty message is generating outrage on the web today and making headlines in travel news, CNBC reported Thursday.

Here’s what the passenger wrote on a napkin left behind on a recent WestJet flight in Canada. It was on a Calgary to Victoria, B.C. route. It was signed simply, “David.”

"The cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman. A woman being a mother is the most honor. Not as 'captain.' Were (sic) short on mothers, not pilots WestJet."
The nasty note references a bible verse and concludes, “In the end, this is all mere vanity.”

The plane’s pilot, Carey Steacy, shared the note on her Facebook page with a photo of the note and a response that said:
"To David. Thank you for the note, you discreetly left me on your seat," she wrote.
"I respectfully disagree with your opinion that the 'cockpit,' (we now call it the flight deck as no cocks are required), is no place for a lady. In fact, there are no places that are not for ladies anymore."

CBC reported that WestJet declined to comment on the nasty on the passenger's note to the pilot saying that it did not want to lend any credibility to it. WestJet told CBC it employed 1,118 male pilots and 58 female pilots, and that WestJet Encore has 96 male pilots and 10 female pilots.

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