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Passenger pees in bag on plane

Passenger pees in bag on plane flight path
Passenger pees in bag on plane flight path
Photo by: CBC News

Stuck on a plane without a bathroom, a passenger decided to create his own bathroom onboard with a plastic bag reported Australia’s on May 22, 2014.

The unidentified man was one of 19 passengers on an Air Canada Express flight operated by EVAS Air Charters that was flying from the Deer Lake Regional Airport to Wabush Airport in Newfoundland, Canada on April 30.

The Beechcraft 1900 turbo prop plane did not have an onboard bathroom for the three hour flight.

Air Canada spokeswoman, Isabelle Arthur, stated that passengers had been advised before boarding that the plane did not have a bathroom reported CBC News on May 21, 2014.

Fellow passenger, Karen Janes was on her way home with her two children and seated in front of the unidentified man.

"I proceeded to get on the plane and we were only on there probably 10 minutes and I see this gentleman behind me kind of looking around and he says to me, "Is there a washroom on board? And I says, 'No, there's no washroom on board,'" said Janes.

Janes thought the matter was settled until the plane started taking off.

"So a couple of moments later we started going up in the air and he tapped me on the shoulder and he said, 'Can you move your son? I need to pee.'"

The unidentified man proceeded to urinate into a plastic bag.

Janes stated she doesn’t blame the man for relieving himself on the plane. Instead she blames Air Canada.

"I'm feeling really uncomfortable and disgusted," she said. "One for the fact that there's no bathroom on this plane, and two that this man is urinating behind me with my six-year-old son just ahead of me. The gentleman may very well have had a problem ... so, ya know, I don't blame the gentleman for that."

"For me, I was just very upset and shocked that there was no bathroom on this flight. There was no indication when I booked the ticket that there was no bathroom on board."

"We're not going to stand for these short-haul flights that have no bathrooms. We need bathrooms on this kind of public transportation. We pay good money for these flights."

Florence White, spokeswoman for EVAS, issued a statement regarding the incident.

"We do have a lavatory on the aircraft flying in Labrador."

"However, we also have some aircraft which are reserved for very short routes that do not. On this particular day, due to a mechanical issue with our regular aircraft, we had to substitute an aircraft without a lav."

"Aircraft configured with 20 or more passenger seats generally have enough space within the fuselage to accommodate at least one washroom, while those with 19 or fewer seats do not," said a spokeswoman for Transport Canada.

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