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Passenger dies on United Airlines flight to Houston, cause of death a mystery

A passenger died on a United Airlines flight to Houston after he collapsed in the aisle of the plane. Although authorities suspect that the man suffered a heart attack, this has not been confirmed as of yet. According to an Aug. 6 report from KHOU, the unidentified man was administered CPR by medical personnel aboard the plane. However, he was pronounced dead when the plane arrived at Houston later that night.

Passenger dies on United Airlines flight to Houston
Wikimedia Commons

The TV station reported that passengers were informed that there was a medical emergency, and a crew member asked if there was a doctor among the passengers.

A team of paramedics in an ambulance waiting for the aircraft to land were on standby but the man was pronounced dead on arrival at the airport. As of the time of this writing, the exact cause of death is unknown but the medical examiner is investigating the incident.

The airline did not release the name of the man who died, they only merely stated that he had been one of the passengers.

Unfortunately, the United Airlines in-flight death wasn't the only fatal incident to occur that night. A report from Click 2 Houston indicates that a maintenance worker was killed after he fell while inspecting a railing on the tram system. The identity of the worker has not been released, but police say that he lost his footing and foul play is not suspected.

Earlier this year, another United Airlines passenger died while flying from Hong Kong to Singapore but flight attendants didn't notice until after the plane had landed and they tried to wake him.

ABC News reported that the man died and was first noticed to be unconscious by the passenger sitting behind him. The newspaper quoted the passenger as saying he told a flight attendant that the man near him was unconscious but she had not checked on the man by the time the seats in that part of the jet were clearing out. Although some insisted that the airline could have responded better in the situation, United Airlines insisted that its staff had "acted professionally and in accordance with local and airline regulations."

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