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Passenger: American Airlines plane "broke almost in front of me"; crash in Jamaica injures 40+

American Airlines Flight 331, with nonstop service from Miami-Dade International Airport to Kingston, Jamaica's Norman Manely International Airport, has crashed upon landing in the Jamaica capital. At least 40 people are injured, three of whom are seriously injured, according to reports. At this time, it is not presumed that anyone has died in this crash.

After taking off at 8:52 p.m. for what is ordinarily a short, 90-minute flight, the Boeing 737-800, which was carrying "around 140" people, ran off the end of the runway in Kingston, according to emergency rescue officials on the ground.

It has been reported that the plane did indeed come to a halt rather than crashing, and that all passengers aboard have been removed from the plane. For more information as it comes available, stay tuned to the Austin International Travel Examiner.