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Passed the age of 'I’m Pregnant' top 10 April Fool’s Day pranks for grandparents

Let the April Fool's Day fun begin
Let the April Fool's Day fun begin

It’s Spring, but there’s snow. No fooling. What IS it with this weather? What other “just fooling” events can there be? Is this an April Fool’s Day prank? Ask Mother Nature.

But with April Fool’s Day just around the corner, you may wonder, ‘Why is there an April Fool's Day?’ and more importantly, how can I prank my kids/grandkids.

In spite of what our children may think, April Fool’s Day has been around far longer than any of us have. In fact, it’s been around ever since the 16th century, when in France, New Year's was celebrated from March 25 to April 1st. The Gregorian calendar was then adopted in 1582 by King Charles IX. The effect of his decree made the new year begin on the first of January. The story goes that many people refused to switch or simply forgot the new date. These people were referred to as "April Fish", and their celebrations turned into silly pranks. This "fooling" eventually became a holiday of its own and later adopted by England and ultimately transferred to the U.S. by English immigrants. Now you know.

As a teenager and then young adult, one of the best was, “Hey, I’m pregnant.” Ha ha. Just kidding.

But at our age, Baby Boomers over the age of 60, that’s no long appropriate, nor, for most, possible.

So what DOES make a good April Fool’s Day joke for the over 60 crowd and their children or grandchildren? Try one, or more of these:

  1. You say, “He’s impossible! I’m leaving your father.” OK., but what you mean is, “I’m leaving your father to go to the market. I’ll be home by noon.” April Fool’s Day!
  2. You say, “I never wanted you or loved you.” But what you mean is.” I never wanted you or loved you until the day I conceived you, carried you for nine months, and screamed holy Hell till you born, and have loved you ever since. April Fool’s Day!
  3. You say to your grandkids, “This is the coolest sundae ever!” Really? It’s actually mashed potatoes and chocolate “gravy.” April Fool’s Day!
  4. Mention to your grandkids how big they’re getting, especially their feet. Then stuff toilet paper into the toe of theirs shoes. April Fool’s Day!
  5. There’s always “short-sheeting”. This is a laugh out loud blast from the past. April Fool’s Day!
  6. Face your grandchild sternly and say, “Your principal/parents/teacher called. Tell me what you did.” Then wait. Who knows what they’ll own up to? April Fool’s Day!
  7. Block the opening of the toothpaste or shampoos bottle by unscrewing the cap and covering with a small piece of trimmed-to-fit Saran Wrap/taped. Then wait. April Fool’s Day!
  8. Juice time. Put Jello in a cup and stick in a straw, then let set. When snacktime comes, kids will find it difficult to slurp the juice. April Fool’s Day!
  9. Tell the kids/grandkids you’ve baked them a special pan of brownies. Once they pull back the tin foil, they’ll find brown construction paper “E’s” instead of the expected yummy desserts they expect. Ha Ha Ha! April Fool’s Day! But f you’re smart, you’ll have a stash of REAL brownies on the side.
  10. Wear a funny wig, and when they see you, pretend like nothing’s wrong. Let them ask you about it, and answer, “Oh, do you like it? I just came back from the beauty shop!” April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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