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Pasado's Safe Haven Volunteers

Pasado's Safe Haven works so diligently to provide for the abused and mistreated pets and they seem to also take time to make this time special for the pets as well. Currently running on their website is Pasado’s 12th Dog; the dog’s name is Sissy and looks delighted to be wearing her Seahawks gear.

Putting all the fun aside for a time, let’s focuses on the good which is accomplished at this refuge for pet’s in need. We can all see the abuse of animals on the news or read about it; however the volunteer force at Pasado’s works in those trenches every day. Most recently the volunteers were found taking in many kittens which were found in deplorable conditions and in many cases without the necessary tools to survive. The volunteers stepped up and took on the necessary kittens need to be feed every two hours 24/7 to survive.

This is not new for the types of emergency care provided at Pasado’s Safe Haven. Imagine being a small or large animal who have only known abuse and suddenly there are so many of the people (you view as abusers) descending on the only home you have known. Then imagine those same people begin taking you and other pets out of the cages or out of the filth to where you do not know and as a new born kitten you can only go along or as a senior dog you are being carried away without any control. Yes, it is frightening, but we know these animals will have a better chance at survival. We can go to to see the stories and learn how we can help. Each of us can help in some small way, donations of cash, office equipment or supplies, puppy pee pads, nursing bottles for pet’s and so much more.

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